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"I’ve attended a lot talks on startups. This is the first time I’ve ever heard the process for raising money explained so clearly." - Mary S., Angel Investor

Blindfold Games



The idea for Blindfold Games was conceived in 2014 during an after-school App Design Club Marty started at his daughter’s middle school. To date, the collection of over 80 games are enjoyed by more than 10,000 visually impaired people from 7 to 70 years old, and recently surpassed its 500,000th download. The award-winning Blindfold Games created an entirely new way of learning through gamification--and literally transformed the lives of thousands. 


Hear Marty bring his remarkable story of Blindfold Games to life, as he shares inspiring life lessons on the Power of Giving Back through Mentorship.

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A self-described "serial entrepreneur," Marty shares memorable talks on his lifelong experiences in building--and successfully selling--software startups.  


His presentations include topics such as "Lessons Learned from Bootstrapping Companies" and "How My Hobby - Blindfold Games - Has Brightened the Lives of Thousands."


See for yourself why audiences everywhere are captivated by Marty's dynamic and informative words, packed with his personal insights that will both inform and inspire.  

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